March 24, 2021


Great Britain Protests: The phrase “Kill the Bill” has been blasting in the streets of Great Britain lately. Protestors have been demanding that a crime bill gets pushed to the side of the nation. The bill would give police the power to handle non-violent demonstrations.

Why Did the Bill Arise in Great Britain?

Throughout the past few months, there have been a lot of protests occurring in Great Britain. The month’s protests have varied; but they included Black Lives Matter demonstrations, protest against security laws, and anti-lockdown rallies because of COVID-19.

These rallies have turned violent very quickly throughout the nation and the world. The majority of these topics have been demonstrated globally. Police have been the center of the attacks when non-violent activities turn to violence.

Great Britain’s law is the country’s way to protect their police in situations where non-violent protests become dangerous.

Great Britain Protests: The Debate

There has been a debate over how police should handle the protests. These situations are fluid because they are all different. Officers have been accused of handling the rallies aggressively; when they should not.

COVID-19 has added to the Black Lives Matter protests; which has created many unhappy citizens in Great Britain and all over the world.

The proposed legislation has come at the same time as the murder of Sarah Everard. Everard was murdered while walking alone at night in London. A memorial vigil in her honor was broken up by the police this past week.

The bill has received mixed feelings, but you must understand the details to make a reasonable decision on the legislation.

The Details of the Bill in Great Britain

The legislation is called the Police, Crime, Sentencing, and Court Bill, which is over 300 pages in length. The bill includes the territories of England and Wales, and it gives the courts the ability to deliver harsher punishments for serious crimes.

The bill’s other main components are that it would end early prison releases for criminals in the system, and it would give police autonomy when handling non-violent protests.

Many other more intricate details of the bill have caused a fuss, but these are the three most considerable sections of the legislation. People are scared that police do not have to deal with repercussions during non-violent protests.

The current law states that the police must have visual evidence of a protest turning violent before taking any action. Visual evidence of violence includes property damage, serious disorder, or viciousness to the surrounding community under the current law.

The new bill would give police the ability to judge the situation and react accordingly. They would no longer have to wait until a protest turned overtly violent to disrupt the rally.

A lot of statues and public property in Britain have been damaged. If someone commits this crime under the new bill, they could spend up to ten years in prison. The community has started to pushback, but it appears that this bill has a great chance of passing.

Police are begging for protection, so it’s likely that the bill will pass despite the clamoring shouts from the community to “Kill the Bill”.

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