December 6, 2020


Georgia Senator Death: Latest Political News with Georgia flipping from Republican to Democrat in the Presidential Election and a pair of runoffs set to come in January, tensions are high in the state. Part of the issue in Georgia is that there are still a large number of residents who are of the belief that there was widespread voter fraud in the election; a claim that has been unsubstantiated to this point. It all reached a boiling point this weekend when and Atlanta state senator began to receive death threats after attending hearings about the claims of fraud; on Thursday.

This latest political news are more than a little alarming; with State Senator Elena Parent asking police for protection after learning of the threats. To make matters worse; her home address and personal information were posted online alongside calls for violence.

On another post put up on a far-right internet message board Elena Parent was misidentified as a Georgia election employee. The post came with questions about what her punishment should be for her part in the perceived state election fraud. The comments on the post ranged from sexual assault and murder as punishment for Parent; In short with those threats in particular catching the eye of law enforcement.

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Georgia Senator Death: Protection Put in Place for Parent

While no long-term plan is in place, Parent has been in touch with the lieutenant governor’s office and law enforcement to talk about protection. The DeKalb County Police Department had told the state senator that will be increasing patrols in her neighborhood this coming weekend.

Members of the Republican party have been going all out to push their allegations of voter fraud in Georgia; there has been no evidence delivered that would prove that their claims could be substantiated. In the aforementioned meeting from last Thursday, Parent was one of the more vocal attendees in stating that the claims being made are totally unfounded.

Parent has not filed an official police report in regard the threats being made; but she has made all relevant law enforcement agencies to make them aware of what has been going on over the past few days.

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