April 12, 2021


Derek Chauvin is on trial for the murder of George Floyd, and the prosecutors’ evidence is coming to an end. There have been two weeks of testimony and 35 witnesses called to the stand. It’s unclear what the decision will be regarding Derek Chauvin; his defense team is preparing to present their case against the prosecution.

Eric Nelson will be leading the defense of Chauvin. He has not announced who they will use to testify. Nelson will be using three significant arguments; to get their client acquitted that he touched on in his opening statements and cross-examinations.

Here are the three arguments that will be used in an attempt to acquit Derek Chauvin. The details of how Nelson will use these arguments will be more evident; as the defense gets its turn in the trial.

Other George Floyd Murder Causes Theory

The other causes theory is self-explanatory; and it has been one of the main points that Nelson has brought to court. Other causes theory states that Floyd did not die because of Chauvin’s actions. Nelson will argue that Floyd died from other medical reasons such as a drug overdose.

There were drugs in Floyd’s body at the time of his death; which Nelson will mention in a variety of ways. It’s believed that Nelson will claim that the drugs caused Floyd to ignore police orders; and ultimately led to his heart quitting during the arrest.

For Chauvin to be convicted; it must be clear that his actions were why Floyd died. If it’s uncertain, Chauvin will not be able to be sentenced.

Floyd’s death was identified as cardiopulmonary arrest, so this should be a critical focus of Nelson.

Force is Unattractive Theory

The force is unattractive theory states that videos do not do justice for police actions. Police actions may look gruesome, but the idea says that these moves are necessary for the safety of officers.

Nelson is going to rely on Chauvin’s police experience to defend this theory. Since Chauvin served two decades as a police officer; Nelson will state that he understands how to do his job in contentious situations.

The prosecution will say that his force was unnecessary. This point will support the other causes theory because it will be tougher to sell to the jury. Police approve Chauvin’s kneeling move against Floyd, but the nine-minute timetable is what makes it tough to defend.

Hostile Crown Theory in the George Floyd Murder

The hostile crowd theory states that the people watching the situation distracted Chauvin from what he was doing to Floyd. Since the crowd was screaming at Chauvin, he was worried about himself instead of detaining Floyd.

Chauvin’s thoughts at the time of the killing are crucial; so if Nelson can sell this idea, it could be very beneficial for the former officer.

Nelson has been pushing this theory in his cross-examinations; by getting witnesses to share the hostility of the crowd at the time of Floyd’s death. The defense should be getting their turn in court very soon; so we will have a better sense of how these theories are being received.

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