Five asteroids head towards Earth this month

January 5, 2022

Five asteroids head towards Earth this month

Five asteroids head towards Earth this month and one is really interesting.

The film Don’t Look Up has divided fans and critics. Some say it is a drama, and others are convinced that the Leonardo DiCaprio feature is a parody. Either way, it has kept many people busy on social media.

Interestingly, the plot, which focuses on two astronomers trying to warn the world about a comet colliding with Earth, has a few things in common with the latest warnings from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

The independent agency claims that at least five asteroids are heading towards Earth this month. Some experts have revealed that the number will be closer to 10. One of them is getting more attention because of its size.

Five asteroids head towards Earth in January

The five asteroids have been identified, and quite a bit is known about their trajectory.

Asteroid 2013 YD48 has gotten more responses after the news broke because it is the size of the clock tower, Big Ben, in London.

It is 340 feet wide, and it will pass close to Earth on January 11. In that case, approaching Earth means the asteroid will come within 3.48 million miles.

A similar event occurred in 2014, and experts say the minor planet will orbit around Earth again in 2030.

Asteroid 2020 AP1 will be the closest one to Earth with a distance estimated at 1,080,000 miles. It is also the smallest of the list at 13 feet wide.

The object, which is the size of a car, got close to Earth in 2020. The year 2024 will also offer a replay.

It will pass Earth on January 7, and a return is already set for January 2024.

Asteroid 2014 YE15 will approach Earth on January 6. It is the one the furthest away. The distance from Earth is 4,600,000 miles away.

The rocky fragment has been approaching Earth since 1905. This phenomenon is expected to go on for a long time.

Asteroid 2021 YX is expected to approach Earth on January 5, some 2,390,000 miles away.

At 100 feet wide, it is the same size as a commercial plane.

This is the first time that this object is approaching Earth.

Asteroid 2021 YQ is a bigger plane than the previous one at 200 feet wide.

A distance of about 1,330,000 miles will separate it from Earth on January 5. It was also near Earth’s orbit in 1905.

Astronomers do spend a lot of time studying the asteroids.

Asteroids do reveal a lot about space

Observing and studying asteroids is valuable and necessary. It is an easy way to learn quite a bit about different elements, and it helps understand the origin of the Solar System.

Acquiring a better understanding of the Solar System is also needed to understand Earth and its mysteries.

Asteroids have a lot to offer — some of them contain nickel, iron, and other minerals. Mining asteroids could become a big thing in the future if science can follow.

NASA is also busy developing different strategies to defend the planet if an asteroid or comet gets too close to Earth.

If those different angles come together, the future could be a lot closer to some big Hollywood movies.

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