Donald Trump Sr. wants to be in control in Michigan

March 29, 2022

Donald Trump Sr. wants to be in control in Michigan

Donald Trump Sr. wants to be in control in Michigan and elsewhere before U.S 2024 Presidential Election

Former President Donald Trump is not ready to let go of the 2020 election. The real estate mogul is working on two fronts simultaneously.

Mr. Trump is trying to convince people that the election was stolen from him and President Joe Biden is illegitimate.

The second angle involves using what critics call the “Big Lie” as a launching pad for 2024.

The real estate tycoon is sending signals to his followers that he is thinking about a third run for the White House.

While the Republican politician is convinced that victory is within reach two years from now, Mr. Biden has said that Trump is his preferred opponent.

Biden wants to run against Trump in 2024

During a news conference in Brussels, Thursday, the Democratic leader described a potential Trump rematch as a positive outcome.

The current president seems to believe that Trump would be his weakest rival in the Republican party. Some polling numbers from earlier this year do back this thesis.

Despite all his troubles, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, rising inflation, and skyrocketing gas prices, Biden bested his predecessor.

Moreover, many experts predict that Biden’s political fortunes could improve in time for the next election.

Trump is a unique force in right-wing politics, but his reign in office was marred by scandals and bombastic moves. Those negatives make him vulnerable in a rematch against Biden.

The former reality TV star has opted to ignore his shortcomings and kept his attention on relitigating what happened almost two years ago.

Some members of his own party are asking Trump to move on.

Republicans beg Trump to let go of 2020 election

With Biden facing difficulties left and right, Republicans in Congress sense that the 2022 midterm elections in November could pave the way for them to return to power.

However, they fear that Trump is making things harder for them by continuing to say the 2020 election was stolen.

Moreover, the New York businessman has made it his mission to punish members from his own party who do not walk the line on his election stealing claim.

In Georgia, a state that went blue for the first time in over 20 years, Trump is supporting former Sen. David Perdue, who is challenging incumbent Governor Brian Kemp.

Kemp had refused to back Trump in his campaign to overturn the election results. Trump has vowed to turn him into a one-term governor.

Georgia is not a unique case. Across the country, Trump is targeting elected GOP officials who did not support the “Big Lie.”

The mogul is creating a split inside the party and offering Democrats a chance to improve their prospects in the midterm elections.

In some states, Trump is laser-focused on putting the pieces together for a triumph in 2024.

Donald Trump Sr. and MAGA supporters focus on Michigan with an eye on 2024

The state of Michigan voted for Trump in 2016. However, the traditionally blue state flipped back in 2020. Trump and his MAGA acolytes are determined to win it back in 2024.

To do this, the former president is intervening at every level to boost candidates who share his views on elections.

Observers see Michigan as a state that could validate the Trump approach if he finds some success in November. Local officials play a pivotal role in organizing elections.

Trump will even appear at a rally in the state later this week. Wisconsin is another swing state that is getting a lot of attention from the Trump team.

Critics say that those tactics are about laying the groundwork to steal the next election.

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