Democrats Hit The Gas On Biden’s Multi-Trillion Safety Net

September 10, 2021

Democrats Hit The Gas On Biden’s Multi-Trillion Safety Net Bill

WASHINGTON- In a race against the clock, Democratic leaders of Congress are working to make a multi-trillion safety net with plans to hit the gas and start moving it through the House this week.

A bill was released by The House Ways and Means Committee which included 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for all workers. Meanwhile, the democratic leaders are engaging in negotiations with lawmakers and committees to write policies to unify the party.

Biden established a plan called “Build back Better” which is an ambitious plan to create plans, cut taxes, and lower costs for working families. In a memo to congressional offices, Kate Bedingfield said Republicans who oppose this agenda are basically fighting to protect the rich.

A senior aide said many of the policies have been made over the past years before the Democrats even became a part of President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign program. So, the Democrats can move rapidly.

Medicare Expansion and ACA Booster

Another Democratic aide said the Ways and Means Committee is approved by the general part but it does not have “100 percent agreement” right now. Some of the details will have to be changed to make it a law.

A Democratic-controlled Congress is all set to address the people this week with tactile deadlines. Which are imposed by themselves and that contain high stakes for Joe Biden. The government will have to pass a bill by September, 30 and the debt limit will have to be extended to prevent a shutdown.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has set a limit of September, 27 to vote on a $550 million infrastructure bill. But the Democrats have said that they will vote it down if the multi-trillion safety net budget is not ready. Meanwhile, one group led by Senate Budget Committee Chair Bernie Sanders; wants to put more Americans in Medicare. There is another group, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi; who wants to put forward the Affordable Care Act or ACA.

$3.5 trillion too steep for some

The final price tag of the bill is under negotiation and it can be lowered.

Some of the Democratic aides have said that $3.5 trillion is too much. The policy writers can find ways to lower the official price for programs like cash-for-kids and ACA. While many other provisions are under negotiation between Democrats and White House officials such as funding for pandemics

On Tuesday Biden, appeared in Queens New York, with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and emphasized investing in climate change. Biden said “The threat is here. We can stop it from getting worse. And when I talk about building back better- and chuck is fighting back for my program, our program, on the hill,” he said, “code red- the nation and the world are in peril.”

Biden’s role as peacemaker

Democrats will also have to agree on tax increments on rich and corporations so that they can help pay for a multi-trillion safety net budget bill. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden gave several options many of which do not have party consensus.

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