David Frost resignation is devastating for Boris Johnson

December 20, 2021

David Frost resignation is devastating for Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing one of the most challenging periods in his tenure. With an approval rating that sits at less than 25 percent, many believe that Johnson could be in danger of losing his job. In addition, the David Frost scandal is a real blow for Johnson.

The general election is set for 2024. However, a vote of no confidence from members of his own party is enough to get him out of office before this date.

Johnson has long been seen as a politician who is hard to pin down. His bombastic style, which reminds some of former US President Donald Trump, made it difficult for political attacks to stick.

However, the Conservative leader’s way of doing things has become problematic for many in recent months. The past two years have seen the departure of some high-profile figures from Johnson’s government.

Over the weekend, another big name made their resignation official. They did so with a splash that could create more problems for Mr. Johnson down the road.

David Frost’s resignation is a real blow for Boris Johnson

Scandals and unforced errors have plagued Johnson’s government. David Frost, a trusted aide, is now leaving at a time when the prime minister is politically isolated. Lord Frost is more than an adviser; he is also a friend.

The Brexit Minister is leaving and letting the world know that he is not supportive of the direction that the government has taken recently.

Lord Frost is opposed to Plan B and believes England should learn to live with COVID. Johnson disagrees with that assessment and put various policies forward to address the pandemic.

Officially, Brexit had nothing to do with Frost’s departure. Frost’s allies say he is against the increase in taxes and how the COVID-19 pandemic is being handled. He is also not comfortable with Johnson’s climate policies.

Frost reportedly offered his resignation last week but was asked to stay until January.

However, after the news leaked, the resignation became effective immediately.

Some are now wondering if a challenge to Johnson’s leadership is in the works.

Is Boris Johnson really in danger of losing his job?

With the prime minister’s leadership under attack. Some members of his party are already putting themselves in position if there is an official challenge followed by a vote of no confidence in the near term.

Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are expected to get in the mix if Johnson’s political fortunes do not improve.

Sunak has already come out against the national insurance increase, and Truss is not a big supporter of Plan B.

Johnson is said to be taken all these threats seriously. He backed Truss to replace Frost as Britain’s lead negotiator with the European Union over trade to Northern Ireland, a job that many think is impossible to get right.

The prime minister might be giving her more visibility now to make sure she is not a problem for him later.

Many experts agree that it would take a lot for Johnson to lose his post in the immediate future. His allies probably hope that COVID does not remain a factor for too long.

It has affected his standing.

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