December 14, 2020


Kemp Paying the Price: As we wait for the transition of power in January, the current U.S news are mostly about who President-elect Biden will appoint to his cabinet. Outside of Washington, the biggest news is happening in the state of Georgia, with a pair of Senate runoff elections set to arrive before Biden takes office. These are elections that the Republicans need to win if they are to maintain control of the Senate.

Two years ago, Brian Kemp ran on a hard-right platform that, with the endorsement of President Trump, saw him make a victorious run to the Governor’s office in Georgia. Fast forward to now and Kemp is struggling to get the votes he needs. The main reason is because Trump has spent the past month and a half launching barbs and insults at the Georgia Governor, claiming that not enough is being done to overturn the election results in the state.

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Kemp Paying the Price Under Pressure on all Sides

Trump lost the state of Georgia to Biden by roughly 12,000 votes; but despite a pair of recounts and no evidence of election fraud, the President continues to claim that the result should be overturned. Kemp has repeatedly said that he does not have the power to make that type of decision.

The President wants the Governor to call a special session of the legislature so that the election result can be overturned. Kemp is now feeling the pressure from Trump; losing the support that got him into the Governor’s mansion in the first place. That would be bad enough, but he is now also losing the support of the voters. At a recent news conference at the state Capitol; Kemp was besieged by disgruntled Trump loyalists demanding to know why a special session had yet to be called.

Since then; a large number of Republican voters and groups have come out and said that they will not vote in the runoff elections, claiming that they do not trust that their votes will count, essentially parroting the claims of widespread voter fraud in the Presidential Election.

If the voters are true to their word, then both Kemp and Kelly Loeffler; who is in the other runoff against Raphael Warnock, could be in serious trouble in January. It will be interesting to see if the voter fraud rhetoric calms down; once the Electoral College verifies the election results on Monday. Even then, it may be too late for Kemp.

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