July 17, 2021


Cubans have taken to the streets to express their frustration for numerous issues in the country. The economy has been destroyed, and COVID-19 has ravaged the nation. The current communist regime has done little to help besides raise taxes. This was greeted with discontent, and citizens are starting to show their aggression through riots.

Why are Cubans Rioting?

There have been countless deaths and riots throughout the nation. Stores are being looted, and cars are being destroyed. These demonstrations have intensified, which many people did not think was possible.

Although, the government and President Miguel Diaz-Canel have still done little to address the situation. He global food prices have risen, and the island’s currency has devalued. The economy shrank by 11% in 2020, which is the steepest drop since the nineties.

The riots have been so strong because there are people who still support communism. These parties have battled throughout the streets.

Comments from Cuban President

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has acknowledged the riots, but it took him days to make a statement. Great leaders can bring citizens together, and Diaz-Canel has come up short. He did take some responsibility for the riots but placed the majority of the blame on other groups.

The president has blamed the United States for most of the issues. The Biden Administration has imposed sanctions on communist Cuba to keep them in line, which led to higher prices. Additionally, Biden has sided with the people in the country, claiming they deserve a loyal government.

This caused people to become extra aggravated with the Diaz-Canel regime. As the days go on, it appears like Diaz-Canel is starting to take more responsibility, showing he is no Fidel Castro. Nevertheless, it’s unlikely that the communist regime will be dethroned in the nation.

In a televised address on Wednesday night, Diaz-Canel confirmed that things would improve, and the government is hard at work to solve the problem.

He said, “We have to gain experience from the disturbances. We also have to carry out a critical analysis of our problems in order to act and overcome and avoid their repetition. Our society is not a society that generates hatred, and those people acted with hatred. The feeling of Cubans is a feeling of solidarity, and these people carried out these armed acts, with vandalism … yelling for deaths … planning to raid public places, breaking, robbing, throwing stones.”

Not Going to be Easy

The riots that Cuba is experiencing will not die down until things improve in the nation. Cuba is dealing with its worst crisis in years because of the pandemic and its effect on the economy. The tourism industry which the country relies on has been devastated.

No foreigners are going to travel to Cuba with the current issues in the country. Additionally, a small proportion of the nation is vaccinated, so the virus is still running rampant. The sanctions on the country began with President Trump, who signed more than 200 measures against the communist nation during his tenure.

President Biden has continued to be strict with the country, and he has been criticized by Diaz-Canel.

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