Colombia Discussions between Citizens and the Government

May 29, 2021

Colombia: Citizens and the Government discussions have stalled

Colombia discussions between the government and citizens have stalled. There have been over a month of protests in Colombia. The disputes have come from many who believe the government does not have their best interests in mind. The government has done little to help with the COVID-19 crisis, and they have attempted to hike taxes in the nation, with a large proportion of the country unemployed.

In the past month, the demonstrations have turned violent, and there were four deaths this week. There have been tens of thousands of protestors involved, and the deaths will continue to mount if the government does nothing.

There were multiple attempts to determine a solution to the issues between the government and the national strike committee. However, all discussions have stalled, and there is no indication when they will resume. This will indefinitely cause more deaths and countless demonstrations throughout Colombia.

Comments from the Cali Mayor

The main area of the Colombian protests has occurred in Cali. Cali Mayor Jorge Ospina confirmed that three deaths occurred on Friday. The fourth death did not happen in the city, but it was discovered in a nearby area.

The fourth death occurred between Cali and the neighboring town of Candelaria. The demonstrations throughout the nation have been peaceful at times and in many small towns. Although, Bogota has been an epicenter of violence like Cali.

Ospina voiced his opinion after confirming the deaths in his city. He said, “There must be dialogue between those calling for strikes, the national government, and the whole of society. If there are no talks, the spiral of violence will continue, and unfortunately more people could die.”

Details of the Latest Deaths

There is an ongoing investigation for all the deaths in Cali, but officials have determined many of the details. Two of the deaths in Cali were the result of an attorney general investigative agent opening fire on a group of people. He was also killed during the shooting.

It’s important to note that the shooter was off duty when he opened fire. It will be tough to determine intent since he passed as well during the incident.

The Past Month in Colombia Discussions

The demonstrations began on April 28 because government officials were trying to implement tax and health reforms. The protests did cause finance minister Alberto Carrasquilla to step down from his position.

Although, the Colombian government still attempted to push his agenda, and they are not changing their stance. The disagreements between the government and citizens have caused the peace negotiations to come to a standstill.

There have been 17 civilian deatht directly linked with the protests. Human rights groups said that there have been many more deaths unreported by the government to mask the violence. Two police officers have been killed during the battles over the government’s agenda.

The citizens want the government to reform its basic income policies and the opportunities provide for young people to succeed. This is the demand that protestors have given to stop their violence, but the government does not believe in the necessity for change. The protests and roadblocks have cost the government an estimated $2.68 billion.

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