April 29, 2021


China’s population continued to expand in 2020, according to the National Bureau of Statistics. The announcement came after a study in the Financial Times that claimed that the country’s population was shrinking.

Their comments contradicted a report in the Financial Times (FT) on Tuesday, that suggested China’s population census would show the country’s first population decline since 1949.

The Financial Times changed its headline on Wednesday, claiming it would be the first drop “in five decades” rather than “since 1949.”

According to Huang Wenzheng, a demography specialist and senior researcher at the Center for China and Globalization; “the FT’s headline was wrong” since there was no proof that China’s population began to decline in 2020.

While China’s actual population did not begin to decline last year; Huang and many other Chinese demographers believe that the population growth rate has been declining for years. Also, that China’s population may eventually reach a peak within a year or two before beginning to decline.

China’s population is expected to begin declining as early as 2022, breaking a five-decade trend of growth. The country may make significant policy changes at that time; such as completely lifting birth restrictions and promoting more births. According to Chinese demographers, ahead of the release of the once-a-decade national census results.

Instead, China should take further steps to promote births, such as providing financial assistance to couples who want to have multiple children.

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