May 12, 2021


Births in China: China’s ruling Communist Party is loosening its restrictions over childbirth and women’s bodies. Some local governments have permitted couples to have more than two children without explicitly allowing it.

Civil servants can no longer be dismissed for such infractions, according to Beijing. Party leaders have promised to make population policies more inclusive, which some have interpreted as an indication that the rules will be relaxed even more.

In China, a rising number of voices, including politicians, academics, and government officials, have urged the government to end birth restrictions. If the party wishes to reverse a precipitous drop in birthrates, it needs to be more militant.

Policy of births in China

The number of births last year was the lowest since the Mao period, according to a once-a-decade population census released on Tuesday. Low fertility means fewer jobs and lower demand, which could slow the world’s second-largest economy’s growth.

Beijing has upheld one of the world’s strictest procreation limits since enacting the one-child policy in 1980. The national family-planning commission gained a firm grip on people’s lives as a result, levying fines on couples and advising — and even pressuring — women to have abortions or sterilizations.

Official murmurs about reconsidering the one-child policy surfaced when it became apparent that China’s population was rapidly ageing; but they quickly dismissed. The government decide that all couples should be allowed to have two children, after many years.

Now that the population of many developed countries, including the United States, is ageing faster; some argue that the government cannot continue to maintain procreation restrictions.

The fate of China’s family-planning policies does not change much in the end. A generation of highly educated women is deferring marriage and childbirth; including a rejection of conventional beliefs that dictate women should bear the majority of the responsibility for childrearing and housework.

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