China Denies Hypersonic Missile Test

October 18, 2021

China Denies Hypersonic Missile Test

China denies hypersonic missile test, but transparency remains an issue. For a few hours, the global order was in tumult, and some experts wondered if a significant change was on the horizon.

A report from the reputed Financial Times said that China had tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August.

China denies hypersonic missile test

If true, this could have been a real game-changer. A development of this magnitude could put the communist nation ahead of its closest rival, the United States.

The report even suggested that the American intelligence community was caught flat-footed and did not expect such a breakthrough.

Moreover, according to the initial claim, China’s missile could circle the globe before heading towards its target in a fast manner.

However, it seems all the hand-wringing coming from the western world was unnecessary, at least for now. China denies that it conducted such testing.

China claims it tested a spacecraft and not a missile

The Asian superpower said Monday that a spacecraft was tested and not a missile. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, Zhao Lijian, revealed that many companies had done similar testing in the past.

It is supposed to help people explore space peacefully. The official said that China wants to work with other countries to benefit humankind.

While the denial seems solid, a few experts say that it is not accurate. Beijing has often been accused of not being a beacon of transparency; that is why trust is severely lacking on this issue.

Moreover, China has been pushing the limits of what is acceptable for the international community in recent years.

From its treatment of the Uyghurs to the Hong Kong crackdown, China has been able to advance its priorities without much backlash.

The country is powerful economically, and criticism is often muted.

Countries like the United States, Russia, and China are working on developing hypersonic weapons.

China and Russia have already tested a hypersonic missile. America has chosen a different path and is working on conventional hypersonic weapons. Those involve land, ships, and air platforms.

Is China winning the new cold war against the U.S.?

Critics of the Biden administration’s policy towards China say the report should be considered a wake-up call. Republicans say China is winning the war, and the next decade could be very important.

Interestingly, President Joe Biden has often framed the need to invest in America as a way to counter China’s rise.

However, Republicans in Congress say debt is important for national security and are against Biden’s investments.

China and Mr. Biden have had a complicated relationship since he took office in January. The current situation is more or less in line with what was happening under President Donald Trump.

One thing is sure, America is watching closely what China is up to. However, it is less obvious what it can do to stop its rival.

China is not a democracy, and this plays to its advantage. They are fewer rules to follow and more freedom to push the country in a specific direction.

While people in Congress are debating endlessly modest changes for the country, China is pushing to reach new heights, unbound by the necessary shackles of a free nation.

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