February 20, 2021


There have been violent standoffs occurring since May on parts of the border area that separates China and India. This area is highly contested, so troops did not want to back down on either side. This led to deaths for both parties of soldiers.

Both Sides Removing Troops

There is a contested territorial location in the mountain region between India and China. There have been standoffs occurring in this area for months, but the Indian and Chinese government are doing their part to end the battles.

Both countries have been removing their troops from the area that has seen battles take place since May of last year. Troops began leaving the area on Wednesday at the northern and southern portions of Pangong Lake in the Ladakh region.

Coordinated Removal

The Chinese and Indian governments have been working together to ensure that they are removing troops in a peaceful manner. The troop abstraction will be an ordered process. China’s defense minister mentioned that it would be an organized removal of the troops. The Chinese and Indian defense ministers have been functioning closely to guarantee that there will be no tension during the extraction.

China and India: The History of the Standoffs

The standoffs began in May, and the reports stated that China started the feud between the two sides. The actions of the Chinese soldiers caused Indian troops to defend their ground. Whether this is true or not, both sides are still at fault for the violence.

The engagements allegedly began between the two sides in the Karakoram mountains when Chinese soldiers entered Indian territory. The Chinese troops entered the contested area at three separate locations in Ladakh.

They set up tents and base camps to send a message to Indian officials. The Indian troops ordered them to leave the area, but they stayed in place. This caused animosity to develop between the two sides. No lethal weapons were utilized when the battles began, but troops still perished in the line of battle.

Fights between the two sides began with verbal altercations.

This quickly escalated to stone-throwing and fist fighting. On June 15, 2020, the conflicts were taken to a deadly level. Stones, clubs, and fists were used by both groups, which resulted in the death of 20 Indian soldiers.

Troops at this time were minimal, but the casualties caused both sides to position tens of thousands of military personnel in the area. These troops were supported with heavy artillery as well as tanks to maintain control of their respective sides.

The troops were placed along the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The LAC delineates Chinese and Indian land between Ladakh and the eastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. Both sides do not agree on the exact border in this area, which has been causing tension since 1962.

In 1962, the two sides engaged in a violent war over the border, which ended in a truce without settling the disputed land. Since the end of this war, troops have been fighting over the land. However, both sides have agreed to settle issues without firearms.

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