April 23, 2021


Car bombings and domestic terrorist attacks are frequent in Pakistan. Although, the latest car bombing it’s above recent attacks because of the target.

The Chinese ambassador to Pakistan was in the country when the bomb exploded outside of his hotel.

No one was injured in the hotel, and the ambassador wasn’t on site when the attack occurred. Nevertheless, the car explosion still killed four people and injured 14 others.

The Location of the Attack

The blast happened in Quetta, a Pakistani city in the southwestern portion of the country. Quetta it’s located near the Afghan border, that’s why is known for terrorism because it’s located near the Afghan border.

People in this province have desired freedom from Afghanistan. Separatist insurgencies have been invading and terrorizing the area for years to secede. Citizens of Balochistan want to secede because they believe that the Afghan government has exploited the area’s natural mineral resources.

The car bomb transpired next to the Serena Hotel, a luxury property in the province, on Wednesday night. Rescue, cleanup, and investigation efforts are in progress. The Serena Hotel is known for security, and it has received countless foreign leaders visiting the country over the years.

Details of the Bombing

The car bombing was parked in the Serena Hotel’s lot. The footage and photos from the bombing show the vehicle on fire, but heavy smoke makes it tough to see many details.

The Pakistani Taliban, known as Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), claimed responsibility for the bombing, but the investigation is still being conducted. The security of the Serena Hotel was compromised, they didn’t think this could happen.

A spokesperson for the terrorist group said it was a “suicide attack which was carried out by a TTP bomber via car” and “further details will be shared soon.” This shows that the terrorist organization wants to impose fear on people in the area.

The TTP has devastated the area as of late. It’s unclear if the group was targeting Nong Rong, who is China’s Ambassador to Pakistan. He wasn’t on the site when the explosion occurred, but he was a guest at the property.

The Chinese Ambassador

Rong said that he is still feeling good about his trip and will not leave the country. The ambassador is going to stay and continue his planned itinerary in the country.

Rong won’t leave until his planned events finishes, even if he’s delayed. The bombing’s still being investigated, but the TTP was probably targeting the Chinese leader.

In 2020, the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) bombed the Pakistan Stock Exchange in Karachi to retaliate against the Chinese exploiting the country. In 2018, the BLA took credit for an attack where an armed group stormed the Chinese consulate in Karachi.

The attackers killed four people, which was a notable act against the Chinese. There have been multiple attacks against the Chinese in Pakistan, but these two are noteworthy.

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