June 24, 2021


The South Florida community of Surfside was the location of a tragedy on Thursday. A multistory residential building partially collapsed, which killed at least one person. An ongoing search effort is still being conducted, but this is very difficult because of debris throughout the area.

Details of the Collapse

The collapse occurred around 2:00 AM ET, according to a witness. No first responders were in the area when the building fell to the ground because it was unexpected. One side of the ten-story apartment building collapsed.

As soon as the building perished, first responders flooded the scene, and people in the area gathered outside in shock. The first responders saved a young boy who was caught in the debris.

The rescue crews also used ladders and firetruck buckets to remove people from the portion of the building that was still standing. Ten people were treated on the scene, but nobody is in critical condition out of this group.

The community of Surfside is horrified by this tragedy. Buildings do not fall for no reason, so this situation will be heavily investigated throughout the coming weeks.

The building’s address was 8777 Collins Avenue, which is a few miles north of Miami Beach. Over 80 rescue crews responded to the incident, which is why only one person passed. However, the death toll could have been a lot worse, so the Miami Dade Fire Rescue deserves a lot of credit.

Kimberly Morales, one of the witnesses from the apartment across the street, spoke to CNN after the incident occurred.

She said, “I woke everyone up in the room because when I looked out the window, I saw everyone outside. I told everyone to hurry up and leave the building.” This state of panic was common throughout the area.

Young Boy Saved

Witness Nicholas Balboa deserves credit for saving the young boy who was caught in the apartment debris. The boy’s fingers were sticking out from a debris pile, which was why Balboa was able to find the child.

Balboa, who lives in Surfside, was walking his dog at 1:30 AM ET when he felt the ground erupt and saw the dust cloud fly up in the area. The man walked to the back of the apartment building and saw the chaos that had ensued.

He started searching through the debris pile when he saw and heard the boy.

Balboa said, “He was sticking his hand up, through the debris. And I could see his hand and his fingers wiggling.” He informed a police officer, which allowed rescue crews to save the boy’s life.

Miami and Surfside is a busy area, so many people were out early Thursday morning when the collapse ensued. Shmuel Balkany was walking with his brothers and dog when he heard the building fall to the ground.

He believed the sound was a motorcycle ripping through the streets of Miami, but they turned around and saw a large dust cloud approaching them on the streets. Some people in the area related the incident to 9/11. More information about the situation will be revealed as the investigation continues.

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