January 18, 2021


Big Tech censorship is doing its best to quiet President Donald Trump since he became the leader of the United States. This censorship has been heightened since the United States Capitol riot took place last week. President Trump is losing his voice in America because of Big Tech’s attempts to drown out his voice.

Big Tech’s actions have been the subject of controversy in the United States. This has resulted in even more turmoil within a divided country.

Twitter Silences Trump

The first platform that attempted to drown out President Trump was Twitter. Twitter and President Trump haven’t been on the same page since the incumbent took office back in 2016.

Countless Trump tweets have been removed from the platform over the past four years. Last week, a much more serious measure took place.

President Trump was removed from Twitter on his personal account. He proceeded to begin tweeting from his other accounts to have his voice heard before Twitter shut this activity down as well.

Twitter cited President Trump’s tweets as one of the reasons for the uprising that has been occurring throughout the United States.

President Trump had millions of followers on Twitter. He reinvented the way that politicians use social media, so Twitter’s actions were deadly for President Trump.

Trump will have a much tougher time spreading his message to the country. This makes some citizens happy, but it’s also one of the reasons for the continuous social unrest in America.

The Fall of Parler

Parler is the conservative alternative to Twitter. The company launched in 2018. It’s a right-leaning platform that doesn’t censor content.

Parler has gained popularity in its time operating because of Big Tech’s actions. Conservatives were displeased with not being able to have their voices heard, so they turned to the new mobile app to have a free space to share their opinions.

Parler’s stock was rising at a rapid rate since the election, but this is no longer the case. Amazon web services dropped Parler, and Apple and Google now refuse to host the app on their platforms, showing more examples of Big Tech censorship.

Without an internet provider, Parler is dead.

The company is suing Big Tech, but it won’t be easy going up against national conglomerates like Amazon, Apple, and Google.
Big Tech runs the country, so they will most likely come out on top in this battle. However, it’s likely that the Supreme Court will be hearing plenty of Big Tech cases in the near future.

Is This Productive?

It’s understandable that Big Tech is trying to prevent riots by banning President Trump and removing Parler, but is this productive? So far, it has proven to be counterproductive.

In fact, this censorship has incited more anger in the country amongst citizens of both political parties.

President Trump has a massive following throughout the United States. He received 74 million votes in the election, which shows that close to 47% of the country preferred the incumbent over Joe Biden.

Trumpism won’t be dead in America when he leaves office on Jan. 20. President Trump will still find a way to have his voice heard.

Big Tech censorship has caused more divide than unity, and if it continues, continuous unrest is bound to transpire throughout the nation.

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