Biden’s first trip to Asia: Meeting with South Korean President

May 24, 2022

Biden’s first trip to Asia: Meeting with South Korean President

US President Joe Biden, on his inaugural trip to Asia, arrived in South Korea on Friday and will receive a warm welcome from South Korea’s new Pro-US President Yoon Suk-Yeol. Continue reading to keep informed about Biden’s first trip to Asia.

During this trip, he will also greet leaders from Japan Australia, and India. Although, there is growing concern that North Korea’s unforeseeable government will conduct a nuclear test during Biden’s visit to the country.

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, South Korean Lawmaker Ha Tae-Keung said “preparations for a nuclear test have been completed and they are only looking for the right time”

Biden’s Top Foreign Policy

Biden’s top foreign policy is about China as his administration has been dealing with China not condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This tour is mostly to show US engagement with Asia and is a message to China that affiliation with Japan and South Korea is credible.

“At its core, this(trip) is about building up an alliance network in East Asia,” said Evan Medeiros who is an Asian specialist in the Barack Obama administration.

Two Nations About the Advancement of Technology

Joe Biden also supported the two Nation’s close relationship especially on jobs as he and North Korea’s president Yoon Suk-Yeol took decisions about the advancement in technology

“Our two nations work together to make the best, most advanced technology in the world, and this factory is proof of that” Biden said to the people that were present at the plant.

Hawkish Yoon also wants strong ties with the US including the joint Military exercises. There are nearly 30,000 troops in South Korea that belong to the US and that Biden will visit during the trip. On Friday, addressing the press, he said that Biden’s visit is a lucky chance for the US-South Korea relationship to become “stronger and more inclusive”

The injudicious effect of the nuclear test by North Korea could draw North Korea and Washington even closer, said Soo Kim. It would be unwonted for North Korea to conduct a nuclear attack while Biden is in South Korea. “Should Kim proceed with a test during Biden’s visit, he will effectively be helping the two countries find greater justification to work together on the North Korea issue,” she added.

National security advisor Jake Sullivan said that the United States is correlated closely to South Korea as well as to Japan. Sullivan also added that North Korea’s nuclear test would not be seen as a drawback of Biden’s judiciousness.

“It would underscore one of the main messages that we are sending on this trip, which is that the United States is here for our allies and partners,” said Sullivan.

“If something does occur, it will only serve to reinforce and highlight the fact that the United States is going to be engaged in the Ind-Pacific, is going to be a stalwart ally, and is going to stand up to and not shrink from any acts of aggression,” Sullivan said while addressing the reporters.

After South Korea, Biden is headed to Japan to put some more flesh on the framework. After so many delays and issues, May would be a busy month for Biden during the Indo-Pacific engagement.

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