March 2, 2021


Mike Pompeo, who served as the Central Intelligence Agency Director and President Trump’s Secretary of State, was not pleased with the Biden Administration’s latest announcement. Pompeo criticized the Biden Administration after they announced their desire to restart nuclear discussions with Iran.

Mike Pompeo’s Disgust with the Iran Nuclear Discussions

Mike Pompeo claimed that restarting nuclear discussions with Iran would do little to help change the country’s nuclear regulations.

Pompeo stated his disgust to the Washington Free Beacon on Thursday following the announcement from the White House. Pompeo specified that Iranian leadership does not care about anything but showcasing their strength. If the United States begins to enter discussions with Iran like the European Union, it will allow Iran to unload its nuclear weapons at will.

This could devastate the United States because allies in the middle east could be destroyed by Iran’s nuclear power. Pompeo is very familiar with the Iranian regime because he led an effort by the United States to combat a threat to Israel delivered by Iran.

Pompeo was quick to shoot down the comments made by the Biden Administration. He turned to the Washington Free Beacon very quickly following the announcement.

History with Iran Under President Trump

President Trump ended relations with Iran in 2018. He never entered into a deal with Iran. This agreement was made under the Obama Administration, where President Biden served as Vice President.

It’s no surprise that President Biden is trying to override Trump’s decision to no longer deal with Iran. President Biden has spent a lot of his time in his first month in office reversing Trump’s former policy.

The original agreement with Iran was a collective deal with other countries throughout the world. The deal was finalized in 2015 when the United States, under the Obama Administration, joined forces with Britain, Germany, Russia, France, China, and the rest of the European Union, to limit Iran’s nuclear weapons use.

The contingent of countries partnered to give Iran more unguarded global power to reduce their uranium which is necessary to power nuclear weapons. President Trump did not want any part in this deal and pulled out three years after Obama inked the agreement.

Iran is Not Holding Up Their End of the Deal

President Trump had reason to withdraw the United States from the Iranian agreement. Since 2018, Iran revealed that they broke the deal using uranium enriching centrifuges in a hidden location.

The European countries who entered the deal seemed to fear Iran’s power, but Trump did not have the same mindset. This was evident by him pulling out of the agreement.

Pompeo does not want President Biden to deal with Iran in the same scared way that’s evident from leaders in the European Union. If the Iranian government sees weakness, they will act quickly to take advantage of the fear.

Pompeo’s final statement to the media was that “we (Trump Administration) were going to hold the Iranians accountable. That’s the kind of strength that built the deterrence model that we had with respect to Iran. I hope that this current administration won’t give up on that.”

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