June 17, 2021


Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin had their highly anticipated meeting on Wednesday. It appears that none of the tension between the two countries has been diminished. However, only time will tell if the meeting severely changes the relationship between the United States and Russia.

The meeting was shorter than expected. This was partly due to Biden not being firm with Putin in his first meeting with the foreign leader. Putin has indicated that he does not respect the president like Donald Trump. This is a possible explanation why Russia has been at the forefront of cyber-attacks directed towards the United States recently.   

Biden stated that the two ran out of things to discuss, but there is plenty of conversation topics in the current world. Some small items were accomplished, like the establishment of task forces to prevent cyberattacks. Although, both leaders claimed nothing of real substance developed.

Here are some of the major takeaways from the Biden-Putin Summit.

Beginning the Relationship Biden-Putin

Biden had the goal of meeting Putin in person for the first time as president in this meeting. He wanted to start a relationship with the Russian leader because he thought relations would improve in the future.

This approach was different than what Donald Trump would have done in his first meeting with Putin. It’s hard to determine which strategy is better, but Biden is hoping to win with Russia in the long term.

After the meeting, Biden hosted a news conference where he detailed his reasoning for not being too forceful in the meeting with Putin. He said, “I know we make foreign policy out to be this great, great skill, that somehow is sort of like a secret code. All foreign policy is a logical extension of personal relationships. It’s the way human nature functions.”

Based on this strategy, Biden accomplished his goals going into the meeting.

He went onto explain, “The tone of the entire meeting was good, positive. The bottom line is, I told President Putin that we need to have some basic rules of the road that we can all abide by.”

Is Putin Telling the Truth?

Vladimir Putin said that he and Biden had an efficient meeting in his recap press conference.

Putin claimed, “He’s a balanced and professional man, and it’s clear that he’s very experienced. It seems to me that we did speak the same language.”

However, he did not discuss the Alexi Navalny situation. Navalny will not be released from prison, and Putin did not admit to any cyberattacks. He also said the meeting does not mean that the two leaders are not eternal friends.

This comment from Putin indicated that he is still focused on being dominant over the United States. The two did not have a joint press conference because United States officials feared that it would elevate Putin.

Putin, who is much more alert than Biden, may have taken unwarranted shots at the president. This would not have been beneficial for the United States. Putin’s comments did not alter after the meeting.

Putin and Biden are now connected as leaders, but nothing is likely to change between the two nations.

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