Biden Facing Criticism Over Violence Between Israel and Palestine

May 11, 2021

Biden Facing Criticism Over Violence Between Israel and Palestine

President Biden has been the subject of scrutiny over the growing violence between Israel and Palestine. Legislators have declared that the president’s actions have caused more tension between the two countries.

Biden has been criticized for his policies since taking office by Republicans. However, the most interesting part about the complaints about this problem is that they are coming from the Democratic Party. Squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib is one of the Democrats who has been outspoken about President Biden’s actions toward the Israeli-Palestinian violence.

Why is the President Under Fire?

Representatives and Democrats have all been attacking Biden for different reasons over the issues between Israel and Palestine. The leader has seemed removed from the situation, making many people unhappy in the United States.

Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, took the fight to a new level recently as they aimed a rocket at Jerusalem as a threat to the country. Sen. Bill Hagerty, a Republican from Tennessee, demanded that Biden condemn Hamas for their direct threat to Jerusalem.

To point out, it was Jerusalem Day, and many people were scattered through the streets. For this reason, Haggerty directed his message to the President through Twitter.

He said,

“The Biden Administration should strongly condemn Hamas and other terrorists that are exploiting tensions in Jerusalem to carry out rocket attacks against innocent civilians. The United States should unequivocally support Israel’s right to defend its citizens.”

More Republicans joined in on claiming that the Biden Administration is all talk and no action. Rep. Michael Waltz, a Republican from Florida, said that the president makes remarks that make people think his team is working hard to solve issues. However, there is no action to back up his comments.

He also commented on Biden’s financial actions. The Representative claimed,

“They’ve given away all leverage right up front, and we’re seeing this is a theme with the Biden administration in terms of handing out cash hoping it fixes the situation. So, they’ve already agreed to give hundreds of millions of dollars without any conditions.”

Complaints from the Democrats

The noteworthy part about the developing situation in the Middle East is that the Democrats are bashing Biden. This is not something that the country has seen since the president took office earlier this year.

Furthermore, squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a Democrat from Michigan, has declared that Biden is enabling the violence between Israel and Palestine. She said that Biden is giving Israel aid, but they are committing human rights violations with the fund, and he is not doing anything to end the situation.

She told MSNBC that we can’t use U.S. taxpayer dollars to commit human rights violations.

Press Secretary has tried to deflate the situation in her daily press conferences. She has said that the Biden Administration has a vested interest in ending the violence, but her statements lack support. She told the press about the actions that the administration is pursuing, but this has not stopped Republicans and Democrats from criticizing Biden.

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