Biden and Naftali Bennett: Seeking to Burnish U.S.-Israel Relations

August 27, 2021

Biden and Naftali Bennett: Seeking to Burnish U.S.-Israel Relations

The United States was heavily involved in the Israel and Iran conflict, but this died down as the Taliban was sweeping Afghanistan. Although Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has stated that he wants to firm up relations with the United States during his first meeting with President Biden at the White House.

This meeting was expected to happen shortly, but it has been delayed because of the ISIS bombing in Kabul. When it does happen, both sides plan to work together to derail Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

The Goal of Bennett

Naftali Bennett took office in June as part of the right-wing nationalist party. This is the complete opposite ideology of Biden, but the prime minister does not think this will affect their strategy to work together. Israel, which is one of our only allies in the Middle East, has worked well with the Trump Administration.

Yet, Israel and the Obama Administration did not get along, affecting both nations. When Bennett addressed the media recently in Israel, he said it’s critical to resume a significant relationship between the two countries.
He also said that Iran’s nuclear weapons program is critical because of the nation’s advances in the past two years. Iran recently broke the rules of a nuclear deal that President Trump established, but they have not faced any actual repercussions.

Iran has declared that its ventures in the nuclear weapons space have been peaceful, but very few people believe this statement. If Israel and the United States are not working closely to monitor the situation, there will be problems. In two months, Iran will have the necessary uranium to launch a devastating bomb.

Biden’s Thoughts

President Biden seems to be on the same page as the Israel Prime Minister, but his attention has been swayed towards removing troops from Afghanistan. Biden’s strategy has caused his approval rating to plummet. Most Democrats still support Biden, but he is losing the independent vote. There are very few people who approve of his foreign policy.

Manufacturing a great relationship with Israel could be what the president needs to start getting in the good graces of Americans.

Biden said he would lift the sanctions from Iran if they return to following the rules. Yet, the president said Iran must make the first move; which may not be the best strategy when Iran is two months away from having the strength to fire off a nuclear bomb.

Bennett sees nuclear weapons as a threat to Iran’s existence, so he is more willing to reach out to Iran first. The Israel Prime Minister wants Biden to revive the nuclear deal between all the countries to keep his nation safe.

More information will be available once the meeting between Bennett and Biden occurs at the White House.

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