March 28, 2021


Bangladesh riots have been occurring all over Dubai following India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s arrival in the country. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been denounced for inviting the leader to her country.

Riots broke out in the streets on Friday, with four people killed. Hasina invited Modi to mark 50 years of independence from West Pakistan.

The Bangladesh Riots

The riots in Bangladesh started on Friday and lasted throughout the day. Police swarmed to the scene, and the riots became bloody very quickly.

At least four people were killed from the riots, but there are still people hospitalized from the outbreaks. It was revealed that five additional people were hospitalized, and four were pronounced dead on the scene.

The violent protests occurred in the southeastern district of Chattogram. Students from an Islamic school as well as an Islamist group started the forcefulness on the police in the area.

The protests did not cause Modi to leave the country. It only caused the Bangladesh government to provide him with more security in the country. This is Modi’s first trip abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The visit will span two days, and the main reason he has come to the country besides the anniversary is to bless the centennial birth anniversary of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Rahman’s daughter led the fight for independence, and his daughter is now the prime minister of the country.

Death quickly plagued a celebration that should have been joyful. Hasina greeted Modi at the airport at the beginning of his trip on Friday. His arrival was big news throughout the country’s media.

Why Did Riots Break Out?

Muslims are not overly fond of Modi. They accuse him of discrimination against people who practice the faith. Modi is the Hindu Nationalist Party leader, and this party has been at the forefront of the suppression of Muslims.

This is why the Islamic school and religious group quickly created violence in the country on Friday. Throughout Bangladesh, there have been Muslim leaders that have been releasing statements warning Modi not to visit the country.

Additionally, Hasina has received a lot of criticism for inviting Modi to Bangladesh. The news broke on Friday morning that the Islamist group was attacking government buildings and burning vehicles in the streets.

Violence also ensued at the Baitul Mokarram mosque in Dhaka, which is the country’s capital. Islamist groups battled people who were supporting the Indian Prime Minister as well as their country’s leader.

No deaths have resulted from these riots thus far. Police officers ended the riots without many people harmed through the use of rubber bullets and tear gas.

A railway stop disruption occured in the eastern district of Brahmanbaria. This cut off communications between rail stops and delayed travel. Modi has made quite the impression in the country, but it seems the violence has stopped.

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