April 30, 2021


Al Qaeda told that “war against the US will continue on all other fronts unless they are expelled from the rest of the Islamic world.”

Al Qaeda has rarely replied to questions in the past; preferring to hide behind its own self-serving propaganda and avoiding even the most remote scrutiny. It’s unclear why the group has chosen this particular time to do so.

This weekend marks the tenth anniversary of Osama Bin Laden‘s assassination by US special forces, Seal Team 6. Inside his high-walled compound in the Pakistani military college city of Abbottabad; the mastermind of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States.

Al Qaeda came to describe a period of US retaliation and retaliation that dwarfed any previous counter-terrorism strategy.

As President Joe Biden prepares to withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan by the 20th anniversary of 9/11; America’s “war on terror” is about to enter a new phase, but al Qaeda says the fight is far from over.

By September 11 this year, America’s longest war that aimed to neutralize the terror group will formally end.

“Bin laden is dead and al Qaeda is degraded, in Afghanistan, and it’s time to end the forever war.”

President Joe Bide

The US’s February 2020 agreement

The agreement with the Afghan Taliban, in which the group agreed to break relations with al Qaeda, which prompted the US to invade Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks, made the exit possible.

Al Qaeda’s new leader, the less charismatic Ayman al-Zawahiri; is virtually unknown and only appears in propaganda releases on rare occasions. The party, however, continues to see itself as a leader for other jihadists. Al Qaeda franchises are active in Yemen, Syria, Somalia, and northern Africa, among other locations.

Al Qaeda is making clear the country that was once its base to plan the deadliest-ever attack on American soil is free for it to use again.

“The United States is not a problem for our Afghan brothers, but due to the sacrifices in the Afghan war, the Americans are now defeated. Whether Republicans or Democrats — both have made final decision to pull out from the Afghan war.”

All of this is just al Qaeda propaganda if the Taliban keeps its promises to Biden, but if it doesn’t, all bets are off on the potential danger it poses.

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