Afghanistan Situation Terrifying | Taliban Have Taken Over

August 18, 2021

Afghanistan Situation Terrifying | Taliban Have Taken Over

The Taliban have taken over Kabul, making the current Afghanistan situation terrifying. It took the Taliban two weeks to seize the country since the United States removed troops. Predictions suggested that the insurgency would stay out of the Afghanistan capital of Kabul for two months. But, these predictions were way too optimistic. The Taliban started on the country’s perimeter. However, they swarmed the middle, quickly reaching Kabul. Muuch quicker than anyone expected.

There are some small cities that the Taliban has not overtaken yet. But, it’s a given that these areas will fall under their control soon. The Taliban’s dominance has caused mass confusion and stress throughout the country. Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse.

Afghanistan Situation Terrifying Over The Last Two Weeks

The Taliban ran Afghanistan in the late nineties before the United States came into the nation to stop the insurgency. America came into the Middle East because of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The United States was able to detain the insurgency, but they still had a presence in the country.

The United States installed a Western-based government after secured Afghanistan. This group fell from power less than two weeks following the removal of American troops. As the insurgency raced across the country, there was mass confusion at the airport.

This was one of the final places controlled by Afghans. The United States needs it to remove people from the terrorist-controlled country.

Harsh Islamic Laws Incoming

The Taliban had terrorized the country for a long time, even when the United States was still there. The terrorist group is known for raping and brutally murdering innocent bystanders. They are also a direct threat to the United States homeland security. That said, it would not be surprising to see America become involved in the future.

The terrorist group has already begun to instill their harsh Islamic law. This is what makes the current Afghanistan situation terrifying. Afthan citizens must conform or die. This is a terrible way to live, but it will never change under the insurgency.

Under the old Taliban, women cannot attend school or work outside the home. They also cannot go outside without  a male relative. They have banned music, cut off people’s hands, and killed numerous people already.

There have also been numerous videos surfacing where terrorists have been screaming, “Death to America!” But, the Taliban are attempting to become more moderate. Why? To keep other countries from getting involved in Afghanistan.

They have promised to respect women’s rights. They also promised to forgive the military that fought against them alongside the United States. That’s not all – they have also promised to ban terrorist attacks on the nation’s soil. Yet, this is believed to be a ploy from the insurgency to maintain control of the country.

It’s not clear what’s going to happen next in Afghanistan, which is prompting a lot of fear. The Taliban is strongly promoting inclusivity, but they have encouraged women to take part in the government.

They have also said that the nation is going to be secure following decades of war. They freed thousands of prisoners, and destroyed the security. There are many reasons to worry in the capital of Kabul and small cities in the perimeter of the nation.

Long story short, Taliban have made the current Afghanistan situation terrifying!

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