2022 US Election Polls update: Biden faces serious challenges

September 27, 2022

2022 US Election Polls update: Biden faces serious challenges

In the latest 2022 US election polls, the Republican Party has the upper hand. However, there is still a little hope for the Democratic Party if a few things break their way in the upcoming weeks.

By most objective measures, the current political landscape favors Republicans. But, they have some issues that are dragging them down and preventing their side from running away with the election.

Former President Donald Trump is a major problem for conservatives because he has a stronghold on the party. Moreover, instead of focusing on the issues, Mr. Trump prefers to grab headlines with a long list of personal grievances.

The real estate mogul is helping Democrats stay in the game in the polling as President Joe Biden struggles with inflation.

Biden faces serious challenges ahead of midterms

President Biden’s polling numbers are stalling following a couple of weeks of improvement after a few major wins in Congress. His approval rating is one of the reasons why Republicans are running ahead for now.

Only 39% of Americans back Biden and the job that he is doing, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll that was published on Sunday. Biden’s disapproval sits at 53%.

The 40-year high inflation is affecting voters and how they perceive the economy. Biden does not poll well on the economy, with 36% support for the president’s performance.

The situation is so problematic for the president that people in his own party doubt that he should be their standard-bearer in 2024. The same poll says that 56% of Democrats want the party to nominate someone else in the presidential race two years from now.

Biden is still competitive against Trump

Despite his weak overall performance, Biden remains in contention when he is paired against his predecessor. Biden even leads Trump 48%-46% among all Americans.

However, the Republican takes the lead with the reverse numbers when only registered voters are polled. Many observers believe that Trump is the only leading Republican that Biden could beat if the election was held today.

Biden has not yet signaled that he will seek another term. And if he does, he could still be formidable. According to the polling average from FiveThirtyEight.com, he is polling higher than Ronald Reagan at the same point in his first term in office.

Reagan went on to win reelection in a landslide two years later. The country has changed since Reagan’s reelection in 1984; however, Biden’s fortunes could drastically improve in the upcoming months.

Republicans in position to gain more power in Washington

Democrats are leading Republicans in the generic ballot regarding control of Congress in the midterm elections. However, the lead is only 1%.

This is not enough for the Democratic Party to maintain control of the US House of Representatives. It is also not enough for Republicans to end up with a vast majority.

As of now, the November election is a tossup with Republicans in the lead. However, conservatives are not in a position to change everything in Washington.

January 2023 might deliver more gridlock, and the status quo could favor Biden for 2024. In short, things are not great for Democrats, but there are a few reasons for them to remain hopeful.

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