2022 Philippine Presidential Election

May 10, 2022

2022 Philippine Presidential Election

Ferdinand Marcos Jr is close to being declared the winner of the 2022 Philippine Presidential election that took place on May 9.

He is currently leading the unofficial tally by a wide margin, according to various reports.

The son of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr has been on a mission to rebrand his family’s dynasty after his father was forced into exile in 1986.

The rest of the clan returned to the Philippines in 1991, two years after the dictator’s death in Hawaii. Critics say disinformation has played an essential part in Marcos Jr’s success.

He is expected to govern the same way as his predecessor, Rodrigo Duterte, who took office in June 2016. Moreover, the constitution did not allow the popular Duterte to seek reelection.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr has big lead on top rival

Marcos Jr has reportedly amassed over 30.8 million votes. Unofficial results say that 97% of the votes have been counted. His closest rival, Vice President Leni Robredo, is really far behind.

Robredo, a champion of human rights, has the support of 14.7 million voters. Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao runs as a distant third with 3.5 million votes.

If these early results are confirmed, Marcos Jr will become the first person in recent memory to win an outright majority in a presidential race.

Known as “Bongbong” in the Philippines, Marcos Jr focused most of his campaign on a message of unity. The 64-year-old former senator has not yet claimed victory, but he did thank his supporters on social media.

Despite signs pointing to a continuation of Duterte’s policies, some observers believe that Marcos Jr could still take a very different path.

Marcos Jr’s probable win leads to uncertainty in the country

Marcos Jr joined forces with President Duterte’s daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio, as his running mate. She has three times more votes than her closest rival for the post.

The heirs to the country’s top dynasties appealed to different parts of the country. Together, they quickly became unstoppable.

Despite the likely large victory in the presidential race, the Philippines are already dealing with some fallout from the election.

Philippine stocks dropped 3% after it became clear that Marcos Jr would be the country’s next leader. The slight drop is linked to the uncertainty about his policies.

Over 400 people were seen protesting in front of the Commission on Election on Tuesday.

The protesters included many students who say the elections were rigged.

Moreover, a few different groups attempted to have Marcos Jr disqualified because of a 1995 conviction for tax evasion.

President Rodrigo Duterte kept some distance from likely successor

The controversial leader has never endorsed in the race for president despite rumors saying otherwise. However, his party, PDP–Laban, did support Marcos Jr.

According to reports, the outgoing president did not appreciate the fact his daughter decided to run for vice president. It was previously said that father and daughter were eyeing sharing a ticket together.

Mr. Duterte reportedly thought about running for vice president if his daughter had gone after the bigger job. However, she changed her plans at the last minute and allied herself with Marcos Jr.

The upcoming president has done his best to convince people that Mr. Duterte supported his candidacy in an interview before the election.

He is expected to build on close ties with China, focus on big infrastructure projects, and push the image of a tough leader.

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