October 7, 2020

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Can we expect something “different” from tomorrow’s debate between vice presidential nominees Kamala Harris and Mike Pence?  – Political pundits seem to think so.

After a disappointing first presidential debate filled with ad-hominem attacks and incessant interruptions (mostly originating from incumbent POTUS Donald Trump).

American voters are looking forward to the only VP Debate of the season, hoping to get a clearer idea of the positions of the candidates, and even maybe, a little more order and stronger direction by the moderator.

The debate will unfold amidst one of the most charged-up political atmospheres of recent times: the nation nervously awaits the appointment of the next Supreme Court Justice, riots continue to erupt across the country and our very president has finally succumbed to the Covid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, polling houses and bookmakers are both making their own predictions on the 2020 elections, and we have all the juicy details for your viewing.

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2020 Vice Presidential Debate Facts

The televised clash between Harris and Pence is timed to begin by 9 pm ET and is expected to last about a whole one hour and half, without any pesky commercial interruptions.

When, Where at and Where to Watch?

  • Wednesday, Oct 7th, 9 PM ET, via most networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox News, CNN and C-SPAN.
  • From University in Utah, Salt Lake City.
  • The moderator will be Susan Page, Chief of USA TODAY’s Washington Bureau.
  • As an additional Covid-19 prevention measure, a Plexiglass divider will be placed between the candidates.
  • Topics will not be released ahead of time of debate.
  • Debate will be split into nine 10-minute blocks. There will be no commercial breaks.

The next presidential debate will be held in sunny Miami on October 15th. Stay tuned to World Politic News for more news, astute political commentary and the latest insight from the top trend analysts.