November 1, 2020



After a slow and anemic start to their fundraising efforts, the Biden-Harris campaign experienced a spike in both earning and spending, eventually matching and outspending Trump’s own campaign figures. With only a few days remaining before Election day, the total combined spending in proselytization efforts during 2020 has reached a mesmerizing $8+ billion, far surpassing the $6.5 billion record set during the 2016 election cycle.

According to a report produced by ad tracking company Advertising Analytics, and published by FoxNews on Saturday, the 2020 Presidential Election will become the most expensive in the history of paid-ads politics, with most spending done solely throughout the primaries-to-general election time period. The data also shows that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has vastly outspent Donald Trump’s campaign by nearly $200 million.

Can these record-breaking figures really make a difference for a Biden presidential campaign that has suffered from serious vitality issues? Before we take a closer look at the top political news, check out the latest 2020 Election Betting Odds, provided by online action hub

Political Futures*

Odds to Win the 2020 Presidential RaceOdds
Republican Candidate (Donald J. Trump)+165
Democratic Candidate (Joseph R. Biden)-200
Independent Candidates (any other winner)+5000
Odds to Win the Popular VoteOdds
Republicans Win Popular Vote+825
Democrats Win Popular Vote-1500
Control of House of Representatives – 2020 ElectionOdds

*Odds are subject to change.

Top Political News: Biden Outspends Trump’s Campaign Expenses

The sudden attack of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 changed the way Americans do politics, and it might have impacted it even deeper going into the future. While Trump broke all newly-set safety conventions by holding multitudinal rallies across the country, Biden chose to remain “locked-up” and kept his public appearances to an absolute minimum, which appears to be the most likely reason why any non-personal campaign efforts took precedence over live events.

The $674 million put together by the Biden campaign and Democratic National Committee were mostly invested in tv spots, printed materials and the growingly important digital media channels.  “As we hit the homestretch of this record-breaking presidential season, we can begin to truly absorb the enormity of the complete spend volume,” said Advertising Analytics VP John Link to Fox News: “Total presidential ad expenditures are inching towards $3 billion in totality, proving that the linear and digital advertising remain the most impactful use of advertising dollars.”

During this last week left before the elections, Biden has already spent $66 million in ads, which is more than double Trump’s budget for the same period, nearing only $30 million. Republicans pundits talk about an excessive sense of confidence by President Trump, who recently opted to withdraw ad campaigns from the state of Florida.

Trump remains the betting underdog at +165 money line price.

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