October 26, 2020



Thursday night’s Third Presidential Debate was something of a… lackluster, a rather well-ordered event, a well-moderated event -one might even say- and a political clash that looked nothing; like the TV political debates we’ve become used to. 

True dat. Trump couldn’t ram his constant interruptions in anymore; and the pace of the debate felt more like the “real deal”, the way debates were supposed to be!  

The moderator; NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker, did a fantastic job juggling the limited 2-minute time slots and Trump’s constant requests for rebuttal; the journalist even pressed Biden on issues that most media had refused to closely cover; such as the recent findings concerning connections between Hunter Biden and China’s ruling political party; (CCP) and other illegal deals with foreign countries. But maybe, just because the debate wasn’t the big chaotic mess we’re accustomed to, it felt a little boring… not enough “meat” in it to make it worth the while; Trump said his usual things and Biden managed to keep track of his thoughts. That is an example of just how low we’ve come. 

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New Rules, New Debate

The event’s broadcast, which aired live from Belmont University in Nashville; was available pretty much anywhere you looked: NBC, ABC, CBS, C-Span, Fox News and PBS, they all had it. If you happened to browse through YouTube sometime Thursday; chances are you were invited to join the debate through a myriad of channel possibilities; some even offering a polarized chat group option for the more partisan-inclined. If you didn’t watch the debate, it’s simply because you chose not to. 

All and all, the debate felt different from the start. The new muting rule emitted by the organizing commission -and heavily attacked by the Republican side; created a healthier debate environment in which the combatants had no choice but to respect their opponents allotted time slots. The topics for the debate ranged from the COVID-19 fight to America’s recent racial tensions; Climate Change Policy -or not-, and, the typical Miss Universe-type question about international politics.

Oil or NOT to Oil. That’s the dilemma!

Perhaps, the evening’s dramatic highlight was the one instance when, due to Trump’s direct prompt, the moderator moved to ask Biden about his position in regards to the Oil Industry. Biden; appearing ideologically cornered from all sides; saw himself in the unavoidable position of stating that; Yes, he would work to “slowly reduce” oil production.

Trump, who is never one to miss a “shading” opportunity, went on to impart a classic “Told you so!”, as he most likely savored the sudden surge in voters from fracking states like Texas or Pennsylvania. 

Some other attacks concerning Hunter Biden’s alleged involvement with some very shady international deals also came about. Biden called out the accusations as false and then went to bring up the recent news of a chinese bank account that was recently discovered in Trump’s name. Trump responded that; he “had to have” a bank account, as he -at the time- was trying to conduct business in the gigantic Asian country. He went on to imply that; eventually, he became disenchanted with the idea and chose not to do business with the Chinese in the end.  

Who was the debate’s winner? Hard to say: the mostly-uneventful debate hasn’t really had much of an effect on the betting polls; as Joe Biden continues on the lead with a -185 price; Trump is the betting underdog with a +160 moneyline. 

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